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Paragon Design Build specializes in infill developments that fit into their neighbourhoods. We build affordable luxury single family homes, duplexes, multi-family apartments and condominiums that deliver style and quality. As a fully integrated real estate development company, we take care of everything from land assembly through design, development and construction of each project we’re involved in.

Founded in 2008, Paragon has since become one of the most active infill developers in Winnipeg. Our 40 single- and multi-family residential projects, in various stages of development, represent more than $250 million dollars in value. We hold our work to the highest standards in our industry, and we strive to constantly exceed expectations in order to realize our vision to become the premier infill developer in Winnipeg.

Meet the team


Nigel Furgus

As the President and co-founder of Paragon Design Build, Nigel establishes short and long term goals, plans, and strategies. He is tasked with land acquisitions, real estate, and business development.

In his day to day, Nigel collaborates with our team, investors, trade partners, and the City of Winnipeg. He is one of the main faces of the company, encouraging business development, and investment opportunities. He has an entrepreneurial mindset which helped him grow Paragon Design Build, and it's 250M in projects under development to what it is today.

Director of Finance and Operations

Alyce Kupskay

As the Director of Finance and Operations and co-founder of Paragon Design Build, Alyce oversees the day-to-day operations of the company.  Alyce primarily handles the financial forecasting and execution of Paragon's business plan. She has a passion for project management and continues to manage our duplex projects. Most of Alyce's day is spent meeting with our team members about current and upcoming projects.  Any remaining time is then directed towards managing, estimating, ordering, and scheduling. In her free time, Alyce loves hanging out with her family or squeezing in a quick gym class.

Project Manager

Janelle Brown

Janelle is a Project Manager for residential and commercial infill development. Alongside managing multiple projects, Janelle helps oversee the business development for Paragon. In her free time, she is currently building her own custom home that will be filled with multiple generations as her parents will be moving in with them. Previously, Janelle normally loves to travel but has been focused on completing her house and preparing for the arrival of their second child. but for the next year, she'll be working on her house for possession in Sept 2020 as they are expecting their 2nd child in November 2020.

Project Manager CT(Arch), BCQ, CM-Lean

Joe Kresnyak

Joe is a Project Manager for Commercial Multi-Family Developments. His role is to review the “big picture” of a project to make sure global milestones like the schedule, budget, and design adherence are met. At the same time, he works with our trade partners to ensure constraints are addressed so they can focus their efforts on the granular details of constructing the project. Joe is a motorcycle enthusiast and a Freemason with a strong emphasis on using that passion for community charity work.


Jeff Unrau

Jeff is a site supervisor for Paragon Design Build. He visits each project daily and interacts with all trades to discuss issues, quality of work, timelines, and all the details pertaining to each job site. In other words, he is the mediator between site work and project management. Jeff is also an avid fisherman who enjoys it year-round with his sons.

Project Coordinator

Krista Webb

As a Project Coordinator, Krista brings her love of architecture, interior design, and construction together in managing the design-build process. With a degree in Environmental Studies (Architecture) and a background in residential design and City Planning, she ensures projects meet design and construction goals through estimating, budgeting, scheduling, and quality control.

Outside of work, Krista loves to hang out with her two little boys and husband, learn new things, and grow her garden.

Junior Site Superintendent

Ross Mcmahon

As a Junior Site Superintendent, Ross's day to day consists of fixing or taking care of anything that needs extra attention during or after construction as well as maintaining all of Paragon's job sites. In his free time, Ross enjoys fine woodworking, mixology, and time with his dog. He claims he can make a mean craft cocktail.

Project Manager

Bonnie Leon

With hard work, and a can-do attitude, Bonnie has a proven track record of taking projects from concept to completion.

Bonnie is highly driven, results oriented team leader with over 25 years of Construction experience. She is an excellent communicator resulting in on-time delivery of objectives and cost-effective utilization of resources. Her ability to manage multiple project teams and lead collaborative efforts results in excellence at every phase of the project life-cycle.

Bonnie quickly progressed through the ranks in Construction having started her career sweeping saw dust off floors.  After achieving a Carpentry diploma, she became a Forman, Project Coordinator, Estimator, Business Owner, and RRC Construction Project Management Instructor.  Her unique experience as a Subcontractor, Prime Contractor, and Owner has taught her the importance of a cooperative environment.  She values fairness and honesty.

Project planning and getting her boots dirty on jobsites are Bonnie’s favorite things in Construction.  She spends a lot of time combing over details so that stakeholders can be organized, efficient, and profitable. 

Bonnie enjoys learning and mentoring.  She is also a Certified Professional Coach.

Asset Manager

Tai Ho

Tai is the asset manager of Paragon Design Build. He is a firm believer in the ‘whatever it takes’ mentality. With a background in the financial capital markets and in business development, his role consists of overseeing the marketing, leasing and property management of each multi-family project. Representing the investors, he ensures each asset is operated efficiently, profitably and accurately reported.

On his down time, you can find Tai and his fiancé running their husky around town or playing basketball at a local court.

Office Manager

Vanessa Molinski

As our Office Manager, Vanessa works closely with everyone in the office, fulfilling roles and duties that fluctuate day to day.  She is known to be proactive and she anticipates future needs; always a step ahead which creates a natural flow within the business. Vanessa loves spending time with her young family, restoring old furniture, photography, and travelling.

Site Superintendent

Andre Beech

Andre is the Site Super Intendent for Paragons Commercial Division -Andre Is tasked with, supervising multi-million-dollar projects, ensuring the job site is run to the highest degree of paragon’s standards. Andre has a background in Project Management and Civil Engineering. On his downtime, he likes to spend time with friend and family.

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Paragon developments are collaborative efforts. We carefully select the best planners, architects, interior designers and construction contractors for each project, resulting in high-quality homes that are built to sound specifications with attention paid to every detail.

Partners + Affiliates

Paragon developments are collaborative efforts. We carefully select the best planners, architects, interior designers and construction contractors for each project, resulting in high-quality homes that are built to sound specifications with attention paid to every detail.
We orchestrate the entire development process from beginning to end. This typically includes land purchase, real estate finance, property marketing, design, and public approval process. We then oversee the builds, rent and manage the residences, and ultimately match the property with the right investors.
Throughout the design process, we assemble and manage carefully selected teams of architects, engineers, and other professionals to cover every angle and create a comprehensive design. With years of experience in project management, we streamline our projects to deliver results on time, on spec and on budget.
We hand-select the right contractors specifically for each build and work together to exceed expectations in craftsmanship and quality. Our “dedicated team” approach means that every member of our build team is accountable for  every detail of the build. This ensures there are always more than one set of eyes on everything we do.
Whether you seek value-added construction estimates for your current project, assistance selecting between multiple bid packages, or you simply desire validation of a selected bid before entering into a contract, Paragon’s professionals have the experience to help you make the right decisions.


We proudly support the following organizations on a regular basis via fundraisers, donations & donation boxes at our events as well as social media giveaways where every entry results in a $1 donated