3 Gorgeous Black Cabinet And Knob Hardware Ideas To Style Your Home

Refresh your home with Winnipeg interior designer, Zoe Henry - a new set of cabinet knobs or pulls that creates a big impact

Accessories complete a stylish outfit. A little sparkle or something unique and new can go a long way to make an ensemble shine. The same idea also applies to decorating your home, which is why we’ll be exploring “jewellery options” for your Winnipeg home in this Paragon blog.

Often overlooked, these minor elements are a great opportunity to show off your style and liven up your home. From handsome black bars to contemporary knobs, these gorgeous hardware designs are here to impress.  

Zoe Henry from Zoe Henry Designs shared some of her favourite black hardware from suites she designed for Paragon Design Build.

Back to Black

Paragon Design Build’s 224 Bertrand

One of the biggest trends in home design is mismatched handles and knobs. In this design, Zoe paired long, lean bars with dainty, delicate knobs to make the space feel eclectic yet modern.

The main reasons why various handle designs in your home are trendy these days is for two simple reasons: style and functionality.

“For this project, we placed pulls on all the drawers and knobs on all the doors,” says Zoe. “We wanted to mix it up and keep things visually interesting.”

From a style standpoint, mixing different types of hardware can give your home lots of character, especially in a larger kitchen where you might want to avoid repeating the same handle design for every drawer or door.

224 Bertrand’s Bar Overlooking The Kitchen

Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and colours - especially when it comes to hardware.

“The great thing about black hardware is it goes with anything, so the sky's the limit! If you’re planning to do a budget-friendly kitchen reno, why not paint your cabinets and update the hardware too? Just don’t forget to consider your ‘centre to centre’ when replacing a pull - make sure they are the same or you’ll find yourself filling a LOT of holes,” says Zoe.

Classic Combo

Paragon Design Build’s 464 Centennial

It doesn’t get any more classic than black and white. If you’re the type of person who thinks simple is best, this design may be for you.

“Black and white are a match made in heaven! If you like a high-contrast, statement look, you really can’t go wrong with this combination,” explained Zoe.

An all-white kitchen can feel too white-washed without any contrast. Warming up your kitchen with black knobs can dramatically spark up your white kitchen design and give it the colour it needs.

Sophisticated Sleek

Paragon Design Build’s 584 Gertrude

For the stairwell, we chose a black grip to go with the white walls. You can never go wrong with a monochrome, minimalist design like this. Using black hardware on a white space can easily make a room pop!

“We used a black lever handle as opposed to knobs for the door to create a modernized and sleek look. Modern hardware is a great way to update your old home,” says Zoe.

584 Gertrude’s Kitchen Cabinets

As for the kitchen cabinets and drawers, Zoe decided to use matte black pulls for consistency and classiness. The pulls match the door handles and your whole hand can grasp the hardware, so you don’t have to just use your fingertips.

Spice Things Up With Little Touches

Remember, the hardware in your kitchen is like accessories to your outfit. Changing up your cabinets and selecting the proper hardware can really enhance your interiors.

“Hardware is like jewelry. You can make it a real stand-out feature or use something more subtle. I suggest taking that approach when selecting hardware for your home. Ask yourself if you like added accessories or if you prefer a more simple look.”

Don't shy away from picking colours and designs that you think complement the look of your home - this is your home so let your personality shine through. If you’re unsure what knobs or pulls to pick, buy a few samples and test them out in person. It can give you a much better idea of how they look against your cabinets, along with other aspects of your home.

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