5 Infill Housing Rentals In Winnipeg To Look Out For In 2021

Learn all about infill housing and Paragon Design Build’s new infill developments

Infill? What’s that?

If you’ve never heard the word “infill” before, don’t sweat it! We’re here to tell you all about it.

There are many old residential houses in Winnipeg that need to be updated or replaced. Building materials used back in the day are not always the best for your health or the environment. Building materials such as asbestos are commonly found in these houses and buildings, among many other harmful materials. They also use less efficient mechanical systems and insulation that needs more energy.

Infill developments are a solution to these concerns.

What Do Infill Developers Do?

Infill Developers tear down derelict buildings and replace them with more sustainable ones. These housing units are built in mature neighbourhoods in established areas of the city where shopping, dining, schools, transit, parks and entertainment are within walking distance. Walking instead of driving to these places lessens our gas emissions, and will also give you some decent exercise.

Good infill home builders use materials that are eco-conscious which are better for the environment - we’re all about energy efficiency.

Infill not only promotes environmental sustainable building, it also fosters economic sustainability. Infill apartments and multi-family developments increase the population in the neighborhood - this leads to a bigger tax pool which supports improvements to public spaces (eg. parks), schools, roads, transit and more.

Paragon Design Build is a team of passionate infill developers. We want to make a difference in Winnipeggers' lives and contribute to sustainable housing in the city.

Luxurious And Affordable Housing By Paragon Design Build

We are proud to present five of our new infill development rentals that Winnipeggers (or future Winnipeggers!) can lease or move into in 2021.  

Paragon’s projects are created with our whole team keeping the neighbourhood's characteristics top of mind; we know how important it is to build infills that match those qualities. We incorporate those characteristics with both our exterior and interior designs.

Each suite includes high-speed internet access and in-suite laundry. And we’re sure your furry friends will love these pet-friendly apartments for rent in Winnipeg as well!

Corydon Condo: Fun In The Village

530 River Avenue by Paragon Design Build

Beautiful hardwood floors, nine-foot ceilings, modern quartz countertops and tons of natural light, 530 River Avenue boasts suites with private balconies that range from 550 to 990 square feet. Built in a neighbourhood known for its close proximity to entertainment and shopping, you’ll be minutes away from Safeway, Shoppers Drug Mart, great local cafes, restaurants and boutiques, and more!

Work downtown? It’s only a bike ride away and transit options are also available.

St. Vital Condo: The Sophisticated Beauty

813 St. Mary’s Road by Paragon Design Build

Now, let us take you further south in Winnipeg to the beautiful St. Vital neighbourhood!

813 St. Mary’s Road is a luxurious multi-family infill apartment building in classic St. Vital. It features six light and bright suites that come with a balcony, two bedrooms and one bathroom. Each suite is approximately 1,100 square feet.

Fort Garry/UofM Apartment: Student Luxury Living

30 University Crescent by Paragon Design Build

Minutes away from the University of Manitoba, 30UC is sure to dazzle the UofM crowd. This stunning apartment building features 108 designer suites that range from 400 to 1,010 square feet.

Residents can mingle and meet their neighbours on rooftop terraces and shared lounges. Visitors can also rent fully furnished guest suites.

Osborne Apartment: Live Close To Where The Two Rivers Meet

255 Bell Avenue by Paragon Design Build

Here’s another stunner that’s in the heart of the city!

255 Bell Avenue is located on the west side of Donald Street. Steps away from the Winnipeg Winter Club and Winnipeg Squash Racquet Club, the suites range from 525 to 1,200 square feet, where residents can enjoy fresh air from the comfort of their private balconies.

This Winnipeg rental also includes heated underground parking, which is perfect for those cold winter days.

St. Boniface Condo: Rustic And Chic

513 St. Jean Baptiste Street by Paragon Design Build

The last infill project on our list is located in one of Winnipeg’s French Quarters. St. Boniface is known for its historical past, beautiful parks, dining experiences and recreational activities.

513 St. Jean Baptiste includes six 1,100 square foot suites with two bedrooms and one bathroom. You will love this six-plex apartment building’s premium finishes, details and private balconies.

Affordable Luxury Rental Properties In Winnipeg

In search of a new home in one of these beautiful neighbourhoods? Why not rent one of our suites and live that life of luxury and comfort you’ve always dreamed of.

Head over to RentWinnipeg.com to learn more about these suites and check availability.

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