7 Lighting Fixture Ideas For Your Winnipeg Home

Switching up your fixtures is one of the easiest ways to update your home and achieve affordable luxury.

Are you itching to upgrade your Winnipeg home but don’t have the budget or time (or both) to do a large-scale renovation? Or maybe you are moving into a brand-new property and need to nail down the details to pull it all together.

Choosing the right lighting fixtures can make or break a space, so it’s essential to know your options before taking the plunge.

Bedroom Lights

Paragon Design Build’s 43 Northern Lights Drive main bedroom

If you have several sources of light in your bedroom (natural, overhead, etc.), you have a fantastic opportunity to add a splash of personality to your accent lighting. Pictured above are wall sconces, but with a fun twist – these types of lights traditionally shine upwards, but here they’re installed as a bedside light so they shine downwards.

You can also manipulate the lights which is helpful when you’re reading or working in bed. These lights are a great space saver because, unlike a bedside lamp, they don’t occupy space on a bedside table. And the contemporary design adds an element of modernity and elegance to your bedroom.

Paragon Design Build’s 43 Northern Lights Drive kid’s bedroom

If you prefer a more classic and simple look, there are also many great options for bedside lamps. This lamp from IKEA is versatile, allowing you to change the angle and length of the arm to suit your lounging style. It also adds gold accents while still feeling comfortable and cozy.

While lamps are much easier to set up compared to wall sconces, it doesn’t mean you should cut corners on finding the right one for your space. Find a lamp that provides the right level of illumination, matches your decor, and complements the style of the room.

Bathroom Lights

Paragon Design Build’s 43 Northern Lights bathroom

Pendant lights are meant to cast light on a specific area, like a bathroom counter or kitchen table. In the pictured bathroom, the glass pendant lights pair well with the white countertops and gold accents to create a clean, modern look.

If you choose to put pendant lights in your bathroom, make sure they’re around your eye level (one to two feet above the middle of the sink) to avoid casting shadows on the face.

Paragon Design Build’s 18 Greenlawn Street bathroom

With pendant lights, the possibilities are endless. The above picture features a bathroom with black pendant lights. They pull together a chrome theme alongside the darker cabinets and marble tile floor.

Although it may not work in every space, pendant lights typically look better when hung in odd numbers – one, three, or five – rather than even numbers.

Kitchen Lights

Paragon Design Build’s 95A Borebank Street dining room and kitchen

You can also use pendants in other rooms, such as the dining room. This linear pendant emphasizes the lines in the dining room and makes the table feel elongated. Linear pendants also work well over kitchen islands.

When choosing a linear pendant to go over your dining table, a general rule of thumb is to get a size that matches the table length, minus one foot on each side.


Paragon Design Build’s 18 Greenlawn Street entryway

If you’re looking for a statement lighting piece, look no further than a mobile light fixture. Mobiles aren’t just for babies anymore – they add an interesting layer to the room and create dimension within your decor.

At Paragon Design Build’s 18 Greenlawn Street property, the entryway fixture features criss-crossing linear pendants connected by a larger linear bar, drawing the eye up into the tall ceilings.

Paragon Design Build’s 43 Northern Lights Drive living room lights

Mobile lights can also come in many different shapes and sizes. When selecting a statement piece for your entryway, living room, dining room, or anywhere else, you’re only limited by your imagination.

The custom two-storey home at 43 Northern Lights Drive has a gorgeous mobile light fixture in its entryway – glass sphere pendants hanging from individual arms off a central rod.

No matter what your lighting goals are, there are many fixture options available to complement your spaces. Don’t treat lighting as an afterthought – if you pay attention to the small details and think about what purpose you want your lights to serve, you can choose fixtures that add value, design and personality to your space rather than simply illuminating it.

As responsible infill developers based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Paragon Design Build’s mission is to provide affordable luxury spaces while fostering community connection.

We’re committed to being leaders in sustainable real estate development to connect Winnipeggers with the places they love most.

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