9 Stunning Tile Ideas For Your Home

Show personality and creativity with these head turning tile designs for your kitchen, bathroom and feature walls

We love us some beautiful tile work artistry.

These functional pieces can add style and flair to your home. With endless choices of different tile designs, it’s sure to make your home stand out.

They come in different shapes, colours, textures and sizes that you can use to create your own unique designs.

Paragon Design Build is a luxury infill developer here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We design houses from traditional and transitional to contemporary, and build affordable luxury apartment buildings and duplexes.  

Here are some tile inspirations for your next home renovation from some of our Winnipeg infill developments.

Kitchen Tiles

From backsplashes and feature walls in your kitchen, these tiles are versatile and come in different colours.

Crayon Tiles

crayon tile backsplash

Bring out your fun and creativity just like you did with crayons when you were a kid with these crayon tiles. These 3D hexagon style tiles are great for both transitional and contemporary homes.

Crayon tiles also look great when installed horizontally!

Subway Tiles

A classic! You can NEVER EVER go wrong with white subway tiles. It's a timeless, seamless look that works with almost any style.

Originally created in 1904, these were inspired by the tiles that lined New York subway stations. They are budget-friendly and easy to install.

Marble Mosaic

How about turning your kitchen backsplash into an artwork?

If you’re going for an elegant look and feel, then this marble mosaic tile may be an excellent option for you.

Horizontally Stacked Tiles

Horizontally stacked tiles are a lovely contemporary option for a classic backsplash. These tiles have a matte finish, which adds to the modern meets industrial look.

Bathroom Tiles

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite Paragon Design Build bathroom tiles.  

Cement Look Hexagon Tiles

We’re in love with these cement look oversized hexagon tiles.

These are almost as classic as subway tiles, but the dark cement look added a contemporary twist. The contrasting colour of the tiles highlights the bathtub beautifully.  

Marble Look Ceramic Tiles

A marble look will elevate your bathroom. These ceramic tiles will add a luxurious and elegant feel to the space, and using large tiles in your bathroom can give it a spacious feel.

Use a herringbone pattern for the floor tiles to create dimension and add interest.

Trapezoid Tiles

Show some funk with these trapezoid tiles that were laid in a geometric pattern. The contrasting grout highlights the shapes in this contemporary bathroom beautifully.

Feature Wall Tiles

Don’t limit yourself to using tiles to design just the kitchen and bathroom areas. You can use tiles in other areas of your house such as your bar or your laundry room.

Herringbone Tiles

Keep an area simple but sophisticated with a monochromatic colour scheme.

We used matte black herringbone tiles for this home’s powder room and bar feature wall, and completed the look with a contrasting grout.

Herringbone patterns will require more tiles than if they were horizontally or vertically stacked. We recommend ordering 15 to 20 per cent more tiles than you would if you decide to go with this pattern.

Scalloped Tiles

Add curves on a feature wall with these scalloped tiles.

We used this fish scale look tile to add depth and interest in this laundry room. Consider using different colours to match the colour accents in your home.

Affordable Luxury Homes In Winnipeg

Paragon Design Build offers various services, from designing to building custom homes, apartment buildings, duplexes and condos in Winnipeg.

Are you planning on building your dream home in Winnipeg? Contact us today to learn more.

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