An Inside Look At NHL Player, Dale Weise’s New Investment Property In Winnipeg

Paragon Design Build’s new luxurious St. Boniface six-plex development

When you’re in the professional sports industry, thinking long-term is always a must. And that’s what Dale Weise stands by.

After retiring from the Montreal Canadiens in 2020, he decided to pursue a career in real estate. A move that will provide investment income for him and his family for years to come.

Paragon Design Build is proud to be part of Dale’s journey as the developer of his first real estate project - a slick, contemporary and high-end six-plex located in St. Boniface.

A Trip Down 513 St. Jean Baptiste’s Memory Lane

When Paragon first acquired the property, it was in serious disrepair and at the end of its life cycle. 513 St. Jean Baptiste was occupied by problematic tenants who even abandoned the property at one point.

“The owner couldn’t maintain it anymore,” says Paragon Design Build president, Nigel Furgus. “The home was broken into several times and had squatters living in it. Purchasing the property was a great opportunity to turn it around and provide better property values for the neighbourhood.”

Paragon is respectful of its neighbours, so community consultation is always top of mind. We talked to our neighbours and asked for their feedback and input. We also consulted with the local councillor and city planners, who advised us that there is a shortage of rentals in St. Boniface.

“They told us that there are many newcomer families in Canada who speak French and want to be in the Francophone community, but there are not a lot of living options for them. We wanted to help, so we built an affordable luxury rental building in Winnipeg’s French Quarter,” says Nigel.

Dale Weise contacted Paragon in early 2020 to express his interest in starting a real estate business. He wanted to acquire long-term assets that will provide cash flow and a foundation for the future of his four children.

As someone from Montreal and a former Montreal Canadiens player, Dale has a deep connection with the French community. So, it’s only natural for him to fall in love with Paragon’s 513 St. Jean Baptiste infill development. He purchased it as a turn-key investment property, which Paragon built in ten months and completed in May 2021 - including helping with financing from Jordan Farber from Farber Real Estate Group.

“From design, development and leasing - we worked with Dale to get him a property he can be proud of, and it’s already 100 per cent full,” says Nigel.

You can keep an eye on leasing opportunities at 513 St. Jean Baptiste units here.

From Run Down To Wow

Paragon Design Build’s 513 St. Jean Baptiste kitchen

With designer finishes, sustainable materials and tons of natural light, 513 St. Jean Baptiste is a sure stunner.

The building is a three-storey wood construction walk-up. It’s cladded in a luxurious James Hardy exterior and built on a concrete slab foundation. Each two-bedroom unit is approximately 1,100 square feet with high-end finishes that Winnipeggers can rent at below-market prices.

Suites include free high-speed internet access, private balconies, dishwasher and in-suite laundries with full-size washer and dryer. We also know how important your four-legged friends are, so we made sure all units are pet-friendly.

513 St. Jean Baptiste’s bathroom

As of July 2021, Dale has owned the building for six months and has since purchased a few more buildings from Paragon.

“This is the start of Dale’s real estate career and it’s gratifying to see him succeed,” Nigel said. “We’re excited to announce that he’s partnering with us for more infill projects. These will go up in high-profile locations across Winnipeg over the next few years.”

Are You Looking For A Real Estate Investment Property In Winnipeg?

Paragon Design Build is one of the leading developers in Winnipeg, Manitoba that specializes in sustainable infill housing. Whether you have previous experience in real estate development or are just starting, contact us today to partner with us on your next project. You can send us an email at or give us a call at 204-691-9388.

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