Dazzling Decorating Ideas For Your Small Apartment

Tips on how to decorate a small apartment with Winnipeg interior designer, Zoe Henry.

With more people working from home than ever before, it’s important your space is not only comfortable but also somewhere you enjoy spending a lot of time in.

Rejuvenating your space may sound daunting and intimidating. There’s the struggle of picking the right colour palettes, accessories and furnitures. But decorating and styling doesn’t have to be challenging.

Zoe Henry, from Zoe Henry Designs, talked to us about how she styled one of the suites in our 530 River Avenue infill apartment building to give it an uplifting vibe.

“The building has Scandinavian and modern finishes. We made sure to incorporate modern contemporary and Scandinavian decor throughout the suite,” says Zoe. “The suite’s unique shape and layout was a fun challenge. We had to make sure the scale of the pieces felt comfortable, but didn't overwhelm the space.”

What is Scandinavian design? This design style is minimalist, simple and functional, while usually consisting of white walls, wood floors, modern furniture, and more natural and subtle hues.

The Open Concept Living Room

Painting the room white is always a great way to make the room feel more spacious and bright.

Traditional Scandinavian style is all about bright and airy spaces and the suite boasts large windows to bring in tons of natural light.

“Because the Scandinavian style has a lot of neutral colours, we added yellow accents for that pop of colour in an otherwise monochromatic space. The yellow dining chairs are a fun statement piece, and the yellow pillows tie everything together.”

Place an area rug in the living room to add another layer of texture. Plus it makes everything cozy!

“I love a large floor plant in a small space! It plays with scale and makes a statement. The oversized rattan chair is perfect for the space. It’s a comfy lounge chair you can curl up in, but it won’t take up as much space as a larger loveseat would.”

The plant, rattan chair, pillows and area rug are from HomeSense. The coffee and console table are from IKEA and the baskets are from Superstore.

“I love adding a mirror in the dining space. It also worked perfectly with how it reflects the large front windows and bounced light all around the room!”

The chairs and mirror are from HomeSense. The plant and dishes are from Superstore, and the dining table is from IKEA.

The Modern Kitchen Design

The kitchen is narrow and also serves as the entry for the suite. Add a kitchen runner to elongate the space, which is essential in a tight space.

“I like a jute rug for added texture and they warm everything up! They are also hardy and stand up well in a kitchen, entry or high-traffic area.

For a more utilitarian and industrial style kitchen, go for these 2x2 square tiles. They are great for contemporary decor!

“I love to use trays to corral similar items. They make pieces on countertops and tables look stylish and organized.”

Accessories and kitchen items are from HomeSense and Superstore.

Sleep And Work In Comfort

What you place in a small bedroom requires a lot of thought. Otherwise it will look cluttered, unorganized and tight.

“We brought the yellow accents into the bedroom in small ways with the lumbar pillow and the rug details - bringing a nice continuity from the living room.”

Zoe also added plants in the room. In addition to them looking visually beautiful, they’re also known to help clean indoor air and improve your mood.

In a minimalist bedroom, less is more.

White beddings are great for making your bedroom feel fresh and clean. We picked a bedside table that is a neutral colour and a bedside lamp that has gold details bringing us back to the yellow accents around the suite.

The bedding is from IKEA and everything else is from HomeSense.

Zoe is a big fan of a full-length mirror in the bedroom. Not only does it bounce off light and make the room appear larger, it’s very functional as well.

To complete the bedroom design, Zoe added a workspace.

“In an era where many Winnipeggers work from home, I made sure to add a small office set-up. The bedroom layout has the perfect space for it. I love leaning prints, artwork and decor items on a desk against a wall for a layered look.”  

Everything in the office space is from HomeSense.

A Paragon Design Build Project

We are a passionate team of infill developers in Winnipeg MB. 530 River Avenue is one of our growing infill rental properties in the city. It is located in the heart of Winnipeg’s Osborne Village neighbourhood, where tenants are walking distance away from entertainment, shopping, schools, dining and more.

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