Elegant Dining Room Ideas From Winnipeg Custom-Built Homes

Dining room ideas and tips on how to style one of our favourite spots in our homes

Luxurious, elegant and opulent. These are some of the words that will pop into your head when you look at these Paragon Design Build dining spaces.

From designer duplexes to single-family homes, Paragon delivers high-end custom-built houses in Winnipeg that make your head turn.

In this Paragon blog, we’ll take you through some of our favourite dining areas in three of our custom homes in Winnipeg, and give you tips on how to decorate your own space.

Sleek Contemporary

Paragon Design Build’s 43 Northern Lights Drive Custom Home

The biggest thing to consider when designing a dining area is the lighting and how it relates to other areas in your house. So, think about how the dining space will complement or clash with your kitchen or living room space if you have an open concept home.

In this Paragon custom-built home, we chose a striking modern chandelier. We did not add any pendant lighting in the kitchen island so as to not compete with the dining area lighting fixture.

43 Northern Lights’ Custom Wine Display

Why not add a functional feature in your dining area just like this wine display? It looks great and serves as a wine cellar for all the wine aficionados.

The wine display was custom-made for this home against black herringbone tiles and contrasting grout.

Transitional Decor

Paragon Design Build’s 95 Borebank Street

When designing a dining area, keep the feeling you want to evoke top of mind.

Do you want your dining space to feel formal or casual? Perhaps you want it to be a flexible space with increased seating for when guests are over.

Once you know which direction you want to go, it will massively impact your design and selections. For this home, we picked this chandelier to go for a more formal feeling.

Make a statement with deep, rich tones for your flooring. Floors stained darker like these oak wood floor slabs are a great starting point and it adds to the formality.

95 Borebank is a duplex which makes it a smaller space. Consider using a round table rather than square or rectangular ones to maximize the space in these smaller houses. This allows for more space and you can add in extra chairs when you have guests.

Modern Charmer

Paragon Design Build’s 18 Greenlawn Street

Mobile lights are a fun and funky way to add character and personality to your home.

We used three different kinds in our 18 Greenlawn custom home - one in the dining area, another in the kitchen and another below the staircase.

While it’s definitely on the modern side, these light fixtures are great in transitional homes as well.

18 Greenlawn’s bar

If a full wine display (like in our Northern Lights home) is too colossal for your place, you may prefer a smaller one like this instead.

The monochrome herringbone tiles tie in with the home’s modern look. We softened the monochromatic look by adding wood accents such as the dining table and the oak hardwood floors.

Custom Home Builders In Winnipeg

Paragon Design Build is one of the leading real estate developers in Winnipeg. We are here to help you build your dream home from the planning and designing process all the way to building.

We pride ourselves on partnering with only the best in the industry. From planners and architects to interior designers and construction contractors, we’ll bring you a sustainable, high-quality home you can live in or rent out as an investment property.

Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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