How To Decorate Your Home With Our Top Lighting Trends

Update your home’s look and feel with these 2021 lighting trends

Who doesn’t love beautiful lighting details?

Lighting is like jewelry for a room. Updating your lighting fixtures can add luxurious elements in your home. It makes a huge impact on how finished and stylish a room feels.

We’ve put together our favourite lighting fixtures from our 204 Waterloo Street build that you can use for your own home renovations and designs. The house is a combination of classic and modern styles, and we made sure the lighting reflects that.

Linear Pendants

Linear Pendants

We saw linear pendants in 2020 and we’ll be seeing more of them in 2021.

Consider a linear pendant over your dining room table to make it feel more casual than a formal chandelier. Linear lighting can make the table feel elongated and it emphasizes lines in the room. Some people are introducing these to kitchen islands and over bars.

Opal Glass

Illuminate your space with an opal glass pendant light.

Pendant lights are great for kitchen islands (but really they can go anywhere!). We love how the opal glass occupies visual space in the room even when turned off, whereas a glass fixture would just disappear.

Gallery Lights

We used gallery lights as intended for this project - over art on the wall. But we’re seeing these used in a lot of unorthodox ways like as bedside sconces in a master bedroom, on bookcases to highlight some books or over a window. They are task lights but they can stand out.

This brass lighting is great on white and creamy wall colours and finishes.

Swing Arm Sconces

Swing arm sconces can be manipulated and adjusted. We placed them on top of the master bedroom’s bedside tables so they can be used for reading. It emulates what you’ll be getting from a table lamp but it doesn’t occupy the space in your nightstand.


What’s lovely about this style of semi-translucent light fixture is that they’re beautiful regardless if they’re turned on or off.

When it’s turned off, alabaster lighting looks like a piece of jewelry on the wall. When it’s turned on, it emits a beautiful glow and you can still see the veining from the stone.

We used it in a bathroom but they will also work in a stairwell or somewhere where you would like the light fixture to be highlighted like art.

204 Waterloo Street: Luxury Redefined

While 204 Waterloo St. looks as though it could be a well-preserved structure from the early 1900s, this Paragon Design Build luxury infill home was intentionally designed to nestle into the comfortable, family-friends River Heights, Winnipeg neighbourhood in which it’s built.

Blending classic and modern design, the spacious interior features white oak flooring, 20-foot vaulted ceiling and a sensible room-to-room flow that is ideal for both entertaining and cozy family nights. With three large bedrooms and a master suite, this luxurious 3,500 sq. ft. family-friendly home is a full-package deal.

We used quality materials for this luxurious home, which includes Kohler plumbing (faucets, sinks and toilets).

Tag us on social media if you found this post helpful and used one of the lighting fixtures in your own home. We’d love to see your creative take on them. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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