Luxurious Contemporary Kitchen Inspo For Your Home

Dive deep into some of our fave kitchens from Paragon Design Build’s custom infill developments in Winnipeg

The world of kitchen design is constantly evolving. There are always new and innovative ways to make your kitchen look stylish, clean and functional.

Is your aesthetic all about modern, minimalistic and luxurious? Keep reading. This is the blog for you.

We’re here to show you some of the latest trends in contemporary kitchen design to help you with your home project.

The Chrome Look That’s Hard To Beat

Our 43 Northern Lights Drive home in Winnipeg’s South Pointe neighbourhood is a contemporary style wonder.

Open kitchen shelving is the new trend these days, which is hard to keep organized. So, why not mix open shelves with closed drawers and cabinetry. This way, you can display your favourite dinnerware but have storage space for items you want tucked away.

Spice up your backsplash with marble mosaic tiles that are perfect for a chrome-themed kitchen. Not only does it look great, but it also adds texture to your walls.

Sparkly And White

Who said creating a luxurious home has to be expensive? Check out these gorgeous quartz countertops from Paragon’s 95 Borebank Street. Consider installing this look if you want the feel of marble without the hefty price tag attached to it.

Add interest and dimension to your space with pendant lights. These light fixtures will give a pop of colour and add dimension to your ceiling.

White kitchens look clean and make the room feel more prominent, but make sure to add another colour for contrast or your kitchen will look too white. So, we picked a warm tone for the kitchen island’s wood staining.

To tie the island with the rest of the kitchen, use the same hardware and cabinet style. Here, we picked the same cabinet pulls and shaker cabinet style throughout the space.

We love using wall sconces as bedside lighting, here we used them to light up the sink area. Don’t limit yourself to using a specific lighting fixture for a particular spot in your house only. When styling your home, you are allowed to be playful and let your personality show. Flaunt those creative talents!

We want to help you keep your kitchen better organized. If you’re having troubles in that regard, a walk-in kitchen pantry will do the trick. Mix open wood shelves with stone countertops - the wood’s warm colour contrasts an otherwise white pantry.

Bring In Some Mood

Black and grey accents create a moody feel in your home. Pairing these with grey appliances completes the look.

In our 95A Borebank Street custom home in River Heights, we accessorized with green accents such as green fruits on the kitchen island and some greenery on the countertops. These details add contrast and liven up the space.

Install grey shelving units in your kitchen pantry to match the dark kitchen style. Here, you can also mix open with closed storage units.

Keeping It Eclectic And Sophisticated

Paragon’s 18 Greenlawn Street custom home in River Heights shows off a slick, modern kitchen design.

To achieve this look, use mobile pendant lights to enhance your kitchen’s contemporary vibe. This lighting fixture highlights and illuminates the kitchen island.

Passionate about cooking? A porcelain-coated indoor grill may be a great addition to your home.

Keep your kitchen cohesive by making sure your appliances match in style. From oven, grill, espresso machine to fridge - we chose grey and black accents to tie in the whole theme.

Custom-Home Developers In Winnipeg

Paragon Design Build has been passionate about building dream homes for Winnipeggers since 2008, and we love sharing our work.

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