Modern Home Inspiration For Your Next Winnipeg Home Project

Get interior design ideas from Paragon Design Build’s 43 Northern Lights contemporary home 

How do you achieve a home that looks like it’s out of a magazine?

The answer is all about curating furniture pieces that go well with what you’d like the overall look of your house to be. Decide on a specific style and make that your main focus when purchasing furniture and accessories and picking colour palettes.

Our 43 Northern Lights infill development is a great example of that. The single-family home custom-built in Winnipeg’s South Pointe neighbourhood is a contemporary house filled with modern pieces and decor.

If you’re planning to completely rejuvenate your home and give it a contemporary twist, scroll through for more tips and inspo for your next home project.

The Spacious Living Room

Styling a blank wall is not always the easiest task. Install wall panelling to add interest and make a statement with your wall. It fills the negative space and creates a focal point in your house.

We achieved this look with walnut panelling behind the TV and quartz for the three-sided gas fireplace, which adds a luxurious element to the room.  

When creating a truly unique home, customizing is always a great way to do so. Consider getting an oak custom staircase. In 43 Northern Lights, the oak staircase blends beautifully with the oak hardwood floors.

Details matter. Accessorize with plants to give your home a fresh feel and corral items in groups of three to create a balanced look.

The Work From Home Set-up

Utilize uncommon spaces in your house and make them into an office. Go for a custom walnut cabinetry and millwork just like 43 Northern Lights for that ultra-modern vibe.

The Chrome Kitchen

Keep it clean and sophisticated with a chrome kitchen design. Contrast the white cabinetry with black accents to make the room pop.

Open shelving is a trend most homeowners are adapting for their homes, but they can be messy and provide less storage space. We recommend mixing the open with closed shelves. It will allow you to showcase some of your dinnerware collection while ensuring you have extra storage.

The Sleek Dining Area

Continuing the chrome theme from the kitchen to the dining room area makes your home cohesive. And don’t forget to bring in those modern pieces we mentioned, like these mid-century modern dining chairs.

Lighting is a key element in your interior design, so make sure you choose the correct fixture. Opt for something fun and playful like this mobile lighting - it provides texture in your ceiling and won’t leave it looking plain.

Feature walls are another way to fill a blank wall. And for wine lovers, a custom wine display may tickle your fancies like this one with herringbone tiles and contrasting grout.

The Main Bedroom

When you’ve had a long day and deserve a much-needed downtime, it’s always wonderful retreating in a calm and serene space. Pick a warm and light palette for your bedroom to make it feel cozy, and add bold patterns into the mix for contrast.

Maximize your space with floating bedside tables and installing wall sconces instead of a traditional bedside lamp.

The Relaxing Bathroom

Want to bring some mood into your home? Go for dark hexagon tiles in your bathroom. We paired these with the subway tiles in the shower for that contemporary feel.

Need More Decor Ideas?

Paragon Design Build is a leading infill developer in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With projects ranging from single-family to multi-family homes, we’re passionate about creating properties that are not just beautiful to look at but are environmentally and economically sustainable as well.

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