Stunning Transitional Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Learn about transitional interior design and how you can use the style in your Winnipeg home

Welcome to the wonderful world of interior design, where you can express yourself and your creativity through picking furniture, fixtures, decorations, colour palettes and much more.

Our custom-built home on 204 Waterloo Street in Winnipeg is a fantastic case study for functional and beautiful transitional interior design.  

Transitional design is a combination of classic and contemporary designs – it involves incorporating traditional pieces and architectural elements with what’s current and happening now.

Entryway Dreams Come True

Paragon Design Build’s 204 Waterloo Street: Entryway

Before you begin designing your home, make sure you plan and do your research. Learn about what differentiates traditional style from contemporary style. Think about what pieces you would like added to your home.

204 Waterloo Street: Entryway overlooking the staircase and part of the living room

For a contemporary twist, consider minimalist decor for your entryway. Keep the area simple and free from clutter. To add a traditional style, we added a mid-century modern console for the drop zone.

Living Room Aesthetics

204 Waterloo Street: Living room

204 Waterloo Street: Living room

Add neutral colours to your home - this is an easy way to style with transitional elements. In the home at 204 Waterloo Street, we chose white oak floors to bring natural hues throughout the house.

The Striking Kitchen and Dining Area

204 Waterloo Street: Kitchen

Who wouldn’t want to cook mouthwatering dishes in this kitchen?

You can achieve this look by installing shaker-style cabinets and mixing modern pieces like these crayon tiles.

204 Waterloo Street: Sink details

204 Waterloo Street: Overlooking the sink

Persian rugs are classic, so why not add that to your kitchen? It looks great in any transitional decor.

204 Waterloo Street: Kitchen island

Pick stools with a modern design to bring in more contemporary elements to your kitchen. Contemporary designs are all about lines and keeping it simple and minimalistic.

204 Waterloo Street: Dining area

Bring the Canadiana into your home by adding a bold pattern like this checkered carpet.

Add mid-century modern dining room chairs that look sleek and contemporary with this black finish to complete the look.

Shelving Must-Haves

204 Waterloo Street: Kitchen storage


204 Waterloo Street: Kitchen pantry

If you love obsessing over details, you’ll probably want to add these shelving and cabinetry units to your home too.

You can’t go wrong with mixing open and closed shelving. You get to showcase your favourite dinnerware and kitchenware and hide items that will add clutter to the space.

The Tranquil Bathroom  

204 Waterloo Street: Full bathroom view

204 Waterloo Street: Shower details

Patterned tiles are classic pieces for your bathroom – in this custom home, we added textured subway tiles to complement the floor.

Bedroom Escapades

204 Waterloo Street: Master bedroom

In the bedroom upstairs, we continued the earthy, neutral tones found on the first floor.

Wall-mounted light fixtures are great additions to your bedside table that allow for more space. Plus, you can manipulate the lights, which makes it easier for those late-night reading sessions.

Don’t know what to do with those blank walls? Add some artwork and a bench – it’s functional and fills empty space. We also recommend adding wall mouldings to your wall for traditional flair.

Are you looking for more home decor ideas? Check out our blog on contemporary kitchen designs.

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