The Scoop On Budget Friendly Home Accessories

How to style your home with inexpensive accessories with Winnipeg interior designer, Zoe Henry

You don’t need to break the bank to make your home look beautiful.

Paragon Design Build has designed and built many Winnipeg infill homes - it’s what we’re passionate about. And we’d love to share how we styled some of them with you!

Zoe Henry from Zoe Henry Designs walked us through some of the designs she did for Paragon and shared her tips on how you can accessorize your home the affordable way.

Let’s dig in!

Snooze Thoughts

A bedroom at 30UC by Paragon Design Build

If you want your bedroom to feel like a calming space for maximum relaxation, opt for a very neutral and minimal colour palette.

“I am a big fan of white bedding because it reminds me of the comforting feeling I get in a hotel,” says Zoe. “Adding an area rug helps ground the room, and it feels nice and cozy under your feet first thing when you get out of bed. The wooden side tables add some warmth and contrast to an otherwise very white room.”

We love supporting local businesses! The area rug is from EQ3, a Winnipeg furniture store, and the bud vases are from Small Mercies, another local store in Osborne Village.

“Frames are not just for paintings or portraits. For this home, I framed a piece of scrap fabric and made it into wall art.”

The linens, side tables, mirror and basket are from IKEA.

Kitchen Stunners

837 Jubilee kitchen by Paragon Design Build

Keep kitchen accessories to a minimum. This area gets cluttered easily, and having fewer items makes countertops easier to clean.  

“I like to style a kitchen with things I would actually use and reach for regularly. Layering different heights along a backsplash creates balance. Use a tray to corral items - it looks great and is super practical.”

Zoe thrifted most of the kitchen items, and other kitchen accessories are from HomeSense.

224 Bertrand by Paragon Design Build

Add accessories to your home that match the colours of the current season.

“Can you tell it was fall? I love this warm palette! Styling the kitchen with seasonal fruits and vegetables is a beautiful and simple way to decorate for the season. Note how we used a small tray on this design, again to corral items on the counter.”

Look for shops other than a home or furniture store for accessories. Zoe got the bowl and tray from Indigo and the vase from Superstore

813 St. Mary’s Road by Paragon Design Build

Group three to four items together instead of lining them up in a row. This makes the area less cluttered and looks nicer too! In the photo above, Zoe grouped these items on a tray.

“Add contrast to your space by adding colours that will pop in the kitchen. Here, we added a splash of green.”

Zoe got the tray from a thrift store. The glasses and vase are from Superstore, and the clock is from HomeSense.

Bath Essentials

224 Bertrand by Paragon Design Build

Choose accessories that go with the colour palette of the bathroom (or any room in your house).

“We used a very monochromatic colour palette to create consistency throughout the whole space. Fresh flowers or greenery always add the right pop of colour and liven up any room.”

The vase is from Indigo and the candle, basket and rug are from HomeSense.

813 St. Mary’s Road by Paragon Design Build

“Layering art can be a nice touch for something unique and adds something different to the decor. I drew a few simple organic lines and placed that in a frame from Superstore.”

The plant is from a dollar store, and the candle is from HomeSense.  

4 Tips On Accessorizing Your Home

Here are Zoe’s top tips for detailing your Winnipeg home:

  • Style with items that you love and speak to you. They should be an expression of who you are. When you style your space with classic pieces that you really love, then you’ll reduce the amount of new items you get just for trends’ sake.  
  • Create little moments throughout the room that feel thoughtful and well-curated. You don't need to fill every nook and cranny.
  • Keep it simple and functional.  
  • Consider thrifting or finding items that are second hand. Trends always come and go - you’re bound to find this year's hot items or at least something like it at the thrift store.

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