What Is The Missing Middle And How Can It Help Your Neighbourhood

‘Finding’ what’s ‘missing’ in residential communities through missing middle housing

Infill developments are a major part of the future of residential housing in most North American cities. They are not only sustainable but can also house more families than single-detached homes.

The Globe and Mail wrote an editorial just before Christmas about infill housing in Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton. They talked about how missing middle housing is beneficial to Canadian neighbourhoods.

It’s nice to see the editorial board of Canada’s national newspaper endorsing the need for better infill and more medium-density housing instead of just a continuation of single family detached homes.

The editorial centers around a Toronto infill development proposal that was rejected by a community committee. Instead of permitting housing for 10 families, the lot will continue to house only one family.

Missing middle housing are medium-density developments that are “missing” in urban neighbourhoods across Canada. This was how Canadian cities were built after World War II, but detached home owners demanded zoning restrictions to separate themselves from people who rent. Since then, cities are now mostly made up of either high-rise buildings or detached single-homes.

What makes this type of housing beneficial?

They can house more people compared to single-family detached homes but do not change the scale of a neighbourhood by introducing high-rises. Missing middle housing matches the scale of most single family homes. They bring diversity to these neighbourhoods and will help prevent urban sprawl. This gives more families better access to convenience, because missing middle developments are located in mature neighbourhoods that are close to necessities such as shopping, transit, schools, parks and many more.

Click here  to read the full article from The Globe and Mail.

Missing Middle Housing In Winnipeg by Paragon Design Build

As 2020 comes to an end, we look back into our missing middle builds this year. These are Paragon Design Build housing developments that are built in different areas in Winnipeg.

We are experts in missing middle infill developments. We strive to bring diversity and innovation to the neighbourhoods we build in.

584 Gertrude Avenue

584 Gertrude Avenue is an upscale infill apartment building. Its classic Osborne Village living is well-suited for those who are looking for premium, stylish, lifestyle residences—namely young professionals, seniors, and empty-nesters.

653 McMillan Avenue

This luxury apartment building is on the block of Winnipeg’s best strips for food, drinks and social fun. 653 McMillan Avenue is an upscale infill apartment building. Its classic McMillan / Corydon living will be suited for those who are looking for upscale lifestyle residences.

813 St. Mary’s Road

813 St. Mary’s Road is a luxury infill apartment building containing six upscale suites. Located in the classic St. Vital area of Winnipeg, this pet-friendly residence is suited for those who are looking for an upscale lifestyle. There are six-suites at 813 St. Mary’s Road which comprises two bedrooms and one bathroom, with a total area of approximately 1100 square feet.

513 St. Jean-Baptiste

Clad in stylish James Hardie accents and acrylic stucco, the building architecture expresses an attractive modern aesthetic both outside and throughout suite features. The property includes a covered surface parking lot and state-of-the-art surveillance and safety systems. Remote entry to suites leads through an elegant lobby vestibule.

Visit RentWinnipeg.com to learn more about Paragon Design Build developments.

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