Winnipeg Architecture: A Mix Of Old And New Beauty

Our Top Architectural Building Picks In The City

Great cities in the world are a mix of old and new architecture: Paris, New York, Tokyo, London and many other cities pride themselves on both their historic and modern buildings.

The City of Winnipeg is no different. We live in a beautiful city full of diverse architecture. You’ll see a wide variety of architectural styles as you walk through downtown Winnipeg, from old heritage buildings in the Exchange District to impressive new towers like the Manitoba Hydro Building.

Let’s Keep Winnipeg Culturally And Architecturally Diverse

Just like our culturally diverse population, it’s important to keep our architecture scene diverse with both historic and modern structures to maintain our rich and vibrant neighbourhoods.

We love appreciating older architecture and we support the preservation of heritage buildings that take us back in time. History is an essential part of Winnipeg.

We also love new buildings! New innovations in architecture will add long-term cultural and economic benefits. They also tend to be much more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The Winnipeg Exchange District | Photo by Brydon McCluskey on Unsplash

5 Architectural Buildings In Winnipeg, Manitoba

It’s hard to pick favourites from a collection of hundreds of beautiful buildings in our city. Here are our top picks of both historic and modern buildings in Winnipeg.

1. Manitoba Legislative Building (1920)

450 Broadway, Winnipeg

Architect: Frank W. Simon and Henry Boddington III

The Manitoba Legislative Building in the 1960s | Photo source: Gordon Goldsborough

The Manitoba Legislative Building wasn’t always located on Broadway. The first legislative building was built on Main Street and McDermot Avenue until it unfortunately perished in a fire in 1873. The second Legislative Building was a two-storey building located near Selkirk. The present day building was designed by two British architects who won a British Empire competition in 1912.

Did you know that the Golden Boy atop the dome is a symbol of Manitoba’s eternal youth and progress? We love all the other allegorical art inside and outside this Beaux-Arts Classical architecture that celebrates wisdom, justice and courage.

2. Manitoba Hydro Place (2009)

360 Portage Avenue

Architect: Kuwabara Payne, McKenna Blumberg Architects with Smith Carter Architects

The Manitoba Hydro Building | Photo source: Manitoba Hydro

We are big fans of sustainability - we incorporate sustainable construction and design practices into our own infill housing projects. And that’s why the Manitoba Hydro building on Portage is one of our favourites.

The building uses 70% less energy compared to a conventional building. Not to mention the beautiful architecture and design that won them the 2006 Canadian Architect’s Award for Design Excellence.

3. The Metropolitan Theatre (1920)

281 Donald Street, Winnipeg

Architect: C. Howard Crane

The Metropolitan Theatre | Photo by George Penner

The Allen Restaurant at The Met (pre-COVID) | Photo source: The Met Winnipeg

The Metropolitan Theatre or The Met opened its doors in 1920 as the Allen Theatre. The façade’s upper portion is unchanged from when it was constructed in 1919.

The Met is the only theatre of its kind and vintage that remains intact to this day in Winnipeg. They have a restaurant, a patio and a theatre area that is used for special events. The building adopts a luxurious neo-classical design.

4. Mitchell-Copp Building (1906)

315 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

Architect: J.D. Atchison


Photo by Gordon Goldsborough       Photo by George Penner

Photo taken pre-COVID by Rajabali Jawadali on Unsplash

How about a fusion of the old and new?

The original Mitchell-Copp Building was built in 1906 and was demolished in mid-2011. The original façade of the building was preserved and incorporated as part of the new structure where there is now a new office site, hotel and parkade.

5. ARTlab at University of Manitoba (2012)

180 Dafoe Road West, Winnipeg

Architect: Patkau Architects and LM Architectural Group

What better place to be immersed in art as an art student than in this building? University of Manitoba’s School of Art students get access to ARTlab’s facilities that includes art studios and an art gallery.

Patkau Architects and LM Architectural Group bagged three awards for this architectural masterpiece: 2016 Governor General’s Medal in Architecture, 2015’s Premier’s Award of Design Excellence and 2014 Prairie Design Award of Excellence.

Our Own Honourable Mention

Here’s our latest architectural addition to the University of Manitoba area. Paragon Design Build’s very own infill development located on 30 University Crescent is part of a thriving neighbourhood with both old and new structures.

Designed by Winnipeg’s BLDG architecture office inc., this 7-storey apartment building will soon be a landmark on Pembina Highway. We’re very proud of this building with its 2-storey curtain wall in the foyer, two outdoor patios and energy efficient design.

30UC houses 108 affordable luxury apartments and is highly energy efficient. We used Logix insulated concrete forms from the first floor to the roof that will save homeowners up to 50% on their energy bills.


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