You’ll Love These Fascinating White-Themed Decor Ideas For Your Home

How to decorate your Winnipeg home with stunning furniture, accessories and accents

Guaranteed to make you say, “Ooooooh,” and “Ahhhhhh,” these decor ideas are sure to make both large and small spaces look elegant.

Winnipeg interior designer, Zoe Henry from Zoe Henry Designs, styled one of the suites in our 584 Gertrude infill development. She shared her insights on how she designed this small but luxurious space.

“I absolutely love all of the natural light in the suite - that made it so easy to create a multitude of looks with,” says Zoe.

We wanted a timeless look for this suite, so we went with a white palette throughout. Brighter shades also make a smaller space feel more spacious and open.

Dining Room Dreams To Reality

Don't feel like you must have small furniture for small spaces. Bigger pieces may fill the room more but having a bunch of small items can make the room feel cluttered.

“I like items that are large and in-charge. Don't be afraid to play around with scale! This large piece of art is minimal but creates a big impact.”

A Desk Repurposed

You don’t want the entire space to be white. It’s important to add darker furniture and accessories to contrast and create depth and dimension.

Zoe picked a walnut-coloured desk for the dining area.

“A small console in a dining room is great for hosting a big dinner or setting up as a bar. I often use pieces in areas they are not technically meant for. For example, this console is meant to be a desk. I like that the walnut added warmth to the space, and it has some interesting details.”

Refined Relaxation

Furniture and accessories don’t always need to be placed against walls. Here, you’ll notice that Zoe placed the sectional in the middle of the room, creating a natural divide from the dining area.

“‘Floating’ the furniture in a room is a great way to utilize the space effectively and is more interesting visually. Ground items with an area rug and create zones based on their function.”

The Kitchen Wonders

“This is one of my favourite parts in the suite! I love the classic white kitchen with contrasting black knobs.”

Choosing stainless steel appliances in a white kitchen creates beautiful contrasting points and allows you to add darker accents in the area like the grey stools.

Have a stovetop kettle? Why not leave it on the stovetop instead of putting them away after boiling water? Doing so turns the kettle into an accessory when not in use (and a functional accessory at that!).


We are suckers for simple yet elegant bedrooms. We picked a grey bed frame to match the other grey furniture in the suite. And you can never go wrong with a pop of green - indoor plants are good for you and add colour to your room.

As a finishing touch, Zoe added a full-length mirror from IKEA, completing the look.  

“I believe that there are never enough mirrors! A large, leaning mirror bounces light around the room, feels casual and is also very practical in a bedroom.”

Bathroom Niceties

Pick darker hardware to contrast white cabinetry and add art to elevate the space.

“I like hanging art in the bathroom - it makes it feel less utilitarian. I got the wall art from HomeSense.”

Live In Convenience And Luxury

584 Gertrude, the apartment building featured in this blog, is an upscale apartment building located in River Heights, Winnipeg.

This infill apartment is in a neighbourhood known for its walkability and is minutes away from shopping, dining, schools and transit. Another great plus is that it’s highly bikeable.

Have you been dreaming of living in the River Heights area at an affordable rate? Click here to head over to and check suite availability.

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