Your Ultimate Guide To Contemporary Interior Design

What you need to know about contemporary design and how you can incorporate the style in your Winnipeg home

Are you a fan of being in a calming environment? What about living in a space that’s clutter-free? If you answered yes to both of these questions, contemporary interiors might be your style.

What sets contemporary apart? Contemporary interior design is all about simplicity and sophistication. It’s incorporating textures and natural tones in your space.

We’ll take you through our 18 Greenlawn Street custom home as we detail what contemporary design is and how you can achieve the look in your homes.

What Is Contemporary Interior Design?

Contemporary homes focus on space and the architectural elements of the room. Filling rooms with objects is not a top priority. In the land of contemporary styling, simple is best.

Unlike modern design, which is specific to early to mid-twentieth century styles, contemporary design is not specific to any era. Contemporary interiors are current trends. It’s what’s happening and popular now.

The design is known for its minimalist look. Its smooth, clean lines and curves set it apart from other design styles. You’ll see plenty of neutral colours, from blacks and whites to greys and tans.

Less is More

Embrace the bare space. Leaving plenty of negative space in your design is part of the look.

Glass is also commonly found in this design style, like this custom floating staircase at 18 Greenlawn Street.

It’s All About Being Bold

Use black to define and ground the room. Mix in some bold colours to add contrast.

When picking furniture pieces, choose ones that have exposed legs. Stay away from fringes, ruffles, and floral patterns - anything that will make the room look busy.

We recommend getting an area rug and fabric details like pillows and blankets to add colour and texture.

Keep Sophistication Top Of Mind

Stay on the neutral palette with wooden flooring like these oak hardwood floors, and adding stones are a great addition to your contemporary look. Check out 18 Greenlawn’s level five quartz countertops that make the kitchen look luxurious.

Metallic elements are also crucial for any contemporary design. You can blend this in with metals such as stainless steel, chrome and brass appliances, hardware and decor.

The layered look is essential for contemporary interiors. It creates dimension, balances the room and adds depth. Layering is achieved by ensuring you use contrasting colours, different textures and accessories.

Contemporary uses a lot of geometric shapes. Here, we installed a geometric mobile pendant lighting fixture above the dining table to add personality to the space.

Repeat After Me: Clean And Simple

Keep the whole house cohesive by bringing in features from one part of the home to another. Note how we used the same herringbone tile wall from the bar in the powder room to tie everything together.  

Bring more geometric shapes in with these trapezoid tiles to add drama and flair to your bathroom. To make the room feel more elegant, add pendant lighting fixtures.

Who says your laundry room needs to be boring? You can make it into a space that feels clean and bright. Consider adding drawers and cabinet space for full functionality. Plus, it looks beautiful too.

Contemporary Real Estate Developers In Winnipeg

We are Paragon Design Build. We are leading infill developers in Winnipeg with projects ranging from custom, single-family homes to large multi-family apartment complexes.

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